About Us

Qingdao Eunice Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a leading and professional eyelash manufacturer based in Qingdao, China, which is known as the heart of the Chinese eyelash industry. Our company is renowned for producing some of the world's top eyelash brands, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier in the industry.

Our dedicated team of experts includes some of the most skilled and experienced technicians in the industry, who are passionate about creativity and constantly strive to manufacture the highest-quality products and provide unparalleled service to our customers.

At Qingdao Eunice Cosmetics Co., Ltd., we specialize in luxury 3D and normal style mink fur eyelashes, velvet silk eyelashes, horse hair eyelashes, and decorated eyelashes, among other products. Our products are characterized by their velvet-like appearance, soft band, light weight, and long-lasting curve, making them a popular choice for discerning customers worldwide.

We understand that each of our customers has unique needs and requirements, which is why we offer OEM orders that provide a one-stop service from eyelashes to OEM package and accessories or tools. Our talented designers work closely with our customers to create styles that reflect current market trends while still meeting their specific needs.

Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our products and help our customers explore bigger markets. We believe that our sincerity, professionalism, and dedication to customer satisfaction are what set us apart in the industry.

At Qingdao Eunice Cosmetics Co., Ltd., we are always looking for new opportunities to work closely with clients all over the world. We take pride in becoming a reliable partner that our customers can depend on for the highest-quality products and unparalleled service. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and discover the bigger success that awaits you.